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Who We Are:

Jason T. Quimby is a High Performance Team #talentoptimizer with over 24 years of C-Level Leadership experience.  He joined forces with Moro in 1998 with an objective to help organizations optimize their teams. Moro is a Spanish attorney who utilizes her education and business experience to help corporations with legal translations.  Quimby wrote "Leading by Listening and Obeying" in 2014 and now spends most of his time helping corporations with team building and sales management.  QM Resources has a network of associates that understand the Power of Predictive Index Talent Optimization solutions and are happy to share theme with you.  


List of Services:

  • Frameless HVHZ Windows & Doors
  • Human Resource Assessments 
  • C-level corporate management
  • Legal Translations
  • Tile & Stone Trade
  • Mediterranean lifestyle goods
  • Charitable commitments include religious and cancer oriented organizations that are serving people in need of help. 


Zero Risk:

  • Free "High Performance Job Evaluation" for organizations of 100+ Employees seeking to improve selection, on-boarding, retention, and communication.
  • Zero cost product sourcing for US Tile & Stone importers

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